thinking of the archive

‘Might we have left some faint, enduring mark on the universe; some lasting glow or echo of Earthly humanity; some interplanetary sign that once we were here?’ Alan Weisman. The World Without Us. (Toronto: Harper Collins, 2007) Thinking of the archives in a new digital or technological key must go beyond the application of digitality to conventional archives and engage with circuits of critical complexity involving contemporary material ecologies and stories. If one of the imperatives of archiving is to capture what is fleeting, then surely contemporary light-speed technological changes, coupled with the unprecedentedly rapid planetary changes create specific new …

untimely loss

Writing about the passing of an acquaintance is never easy, as it can stir up many emotions forcing one to deal with, and accept, loss. The untimely loss of L. Budd is a decisive moment for the collective and disparate personalities with whom L. Budd was surrounded in life. R.S.