blanche readymade -Cubewell House 1993

Wellington’s Cubewell House (c. 1993-5) initiated by a nominal collective of Wellington artist’s  and collectors, shared the common ethos of artist-run spaces that of inventing one’s own rules, and culture. Cubewell sought to circumvent the structures of public and private galleries, acting as an alternative exhibition-office space. It’s drab and unadulterated office space supported artists who purposefully sought more alternative public spaces to disseminate ideas and acts of negotiation.

EofLB Archives #1998-CUBEWELLHOUSE-1







Budd Archives#1998 Cubewell House 

Blanche’s random assemblages strip the readymade bare, relieving the tradition of the found object of a century’s worth of theoretical baggage and reinvesting it with folkloric populist dimension … p.mule 1993

EofLB  archive# 92-0100 Blanche Ready-Made catalogue for Teststrip Touring Show @ Cubewell House 1992

1992_ELB_Teststrip-4 1992_ELB_Teststrip-3 1992_ELB_Teststrip-2 1992_ELB_Teststrip-1