‘There are only two paths open to mental research, where our desire branches; aesthetics on the one hand and on the other, political economy. Everything which by itself, pure, for lack of meaning, as it were, before the appearance of the viewer, must be restored’.  L. Budd 2003

L. Budd (Lillian) is known to have exhibited in New Zealand and overseas between the years 2000-2009. She is believed to have passed away during the year 2005.

The Estate of L Budd archives exist as an online data base that functions as an integral part of the Budd Estate, along with L Budd’s paintings, films, video work, sculpture and all other annotated materials and editions. The collection includes scrapbooks of press clippings related to Budd’s work and life; art supplies and materials used by Budd; posters publicising her exhibitions and films.



Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington 2001  / L Budd Estate Archives HMK #4533

Blanche Ready-Made [L. Budd] could be described as an expressive minimalist, in that she searched for subjective resonance without surrendering to any predetermined sense of the subjective. The central issue of expressive minimalism is the restoration of aura—not as a spiritual radiance emerging from the object, but as a material radiance that seems to drop steeply into it, as though its material were an abyss and the aura its emanation.

p.mule. 2014


Estate photographic documentation (unless otherwise noted): Alex North. / Estate administration,: Jacob Barratt-Boyes / The Estate of L Budd is represented by Michael Lett, Auckland.